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About Me

dogs, cats and communication!

As a lifelong pet fan, I have cared for my own dogs and cats and been an on-call “auntie” for pets belonging to friends and family members for many years. I worked for Monadnock Petsitting in Peterborough, NH for several years.

"Good communication" is mentioned often in my reviews by pet owners, as my large number of repeat clients suggests. After years of experience in the education and communications fields, my clearly written visit reports and multiple photos bring peace of mind to my clients while they're traveling or working. I maintain petsitting-specific insurance and have passed an advanced background check.

DOGS: Though I currently have no dogs at home, my family and I have had several high-energy, playful large dogs over the years: Labs, Boxers, and large mutts. As a petsitter, I've cared for dogs of all sizes, from toy breeds up through Huskies, Newfoundlands, and Great Danes, and from puppies to elderly dogs.

CATS: I've shared my home with many cats over time and have worked with scores of felines as a petsitter. I'm very accustomed to interacting with cats of all levels of energy and sociability, from the shy ones who hide in the basement and just want their dinner served ... to the love nuggets who purr and play non-stop.

                                                                               - Elise MacDonald

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